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fredag 4 februari 2011

Friendly Rjukan, Telemark, Norge

Friendly rjukan
Winter shaddow town
What is it in the water in Rjukan? or is it the air?
I'm coming here to work at the surgical ward at Telemark Hospital for two weeks. To get here I took the buss Rjukan-ekspress, the chauffeur served coffee... on the buss!. Walking down town, the very first person I met said Hello to me, a stranger. Later the very same day, arriving to the ward, I got the warmest welcome ever. I asked the boss if I could have a day free to do some sightseeing stuff, No problem, was the answer. I've been a little sad 'cause my camera is in Sthlm. ??? yep! it's called bad planning. So what happened - another nurse at the ward lent me her camera. Thank you Veronica! Appreciate it lots. Today I went up to Gausta, a mountain. I took Fjellbussen and the chauffeur gave me a free tour on some roads outside the scheduled tripp!? This in a village which the sun never shines in winter, the winter shaddow town.
So tell me, is it the air, the water or what that makes Rjukan so Friendly? I love it!

onsdag 2 februari 2011